Emoji Horoscope

Web, Python


Now, I don't believe in horoscopes, but I did find an API that does! It's called Aztro, so I thought it would be fun to make a project that uses it.

So utilizing Aztro, this project generates a horoscope for the user and displays it in emojis.

How it Works

The web app is pretty simple, users input their astrological sign and then this makes a call to the Aztro API for the text horoscope. This text is then fed to the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, which I then map the results of to specific emojis.

joy = ['😁','πŸ˜€','πŸ˜‚','πŸ˜†','πŸ€‘','🀣','😊','πŸ˜‹','😍','πŸ˜‡'] 
anger = ['😑','🀬','😠','🀯','😈','😀']
fear = ['😱','😰','😨','😬','😳','πŸ˜₯']
sadness = ['☹️','πŸ˜–','😞','😒','😭','πŸ˜•','πŸ™ƒ','πŸ˜”']
analytical = ['πŸ€”','🀨','🧐']
confident = ['πŸ˜›','😜','😏']
tentative = ['πŸ˜’','πŸ˜‘','πŸ˜“','🀭']

The Result

Although it's no longer up, below is a clip of the web app in action.

A gif of the web app in action.