Flora Keeper

Swift, iOS


Inspired by 'The New Plant Parent' by Darryl Cheng, Flora Keeper is an iOS app that helps you keep track of your plants. Unlike most plant care apps that focus on water scheduling, this app focused more on dirt composition and light. Based on the plant, users learn to understand plant soil to figure out a natural watering cycle.

This project was part of a university class working with iOS development. The goal was to build an app for helping you journal and track your house plants. While this is a common app, the difference here is that this app focuses not just on time since watered, but more importantly on the moisture of the dirt.

it was interesting to learn the importance of maintaining different moisture levels for different types of plants. This, combined with the light level the plant receives, is far more important than simply rewatering it on a consistent basis. As such, this app would have a registry of common houseplants and provide the appropriate level of moisture and light the plant prefers. As well, a calendar was also implemented for tracking water days.

Flora Keeper UI
Flora Keeper UI