Design System


NOVA is CaseWare's design system built in Angular and TypeScript, which has been adopted by all of CaseWare's product teams. It has replaced a significant amount of UI, including 2 major cloud platforms and 3 other side products. It is extensively used for experimental and custom apps within the platforms as well. NOVA has also helped meet A11Y compliance nearly across the board.


For the development of the NOVA UI library, I focused on building key UI components and microinteractions.

gif of a component being used

It was important to focus on the developer experience too, so I helped build the NOVA site to showcase the components and provide documentation. Devs get onboarded quicker and have an easier time pushing out consistent and accessible UI.

gif of styles pages

Apart from coding, I also custom designed most of the vector Icons in the NOVA icon library.

gif of icons library

And also made the illustrations you can find on the NOVA site.

illustration of a person